the journey




My SaberFit Fitness Journey!
Fitness through the power of fun!

Just the other day when I was heading to Timbre+ for lunch with Julia, we chanced upon a SaberFit’s poster.

The poster read, “BURN OFF THOSE TIMBRE+ CALORIES!” and that was exactly what we needed! To burn off those calories we’ve accumulated during lunch. Even as a lazy girl, I’ve always dreamt of being more fit and active. Not sure if it’s because of the cool Saber effect or the handsome instructor advertised on the poster, I took a leap of faith to try this class out.

I dragged my friend, Julia, along to sign up with me. 

The class was held at The Meeting Point @ One North! It was a only a 3 mins walk from my office! We arrived a early and were greeted with the friendly fitness instructors. 

Before we entered the room, I spotted the sabers from a distance. I immediately became excited. As I was not able to contain myself, I asked if I could borrow the lighted saber for personal photos!

When the class started we started off with some warm up exercises. After, we were taught 4 different basic strike techniques for our main core exercises.

About 15 minutes into the class, we finally moved on to my favorite part of the workout. *drum rolls*

The Saber Duel Workout!!!

We were told to find a partner and I was so glad that I dragged Julia along. 

We had so much fun during the pair-duelling, and laughed way too much that our stomachs hurt. At first, I was not able to coordinate the movements well but as time passed my body became more familiar with the workout.

The friendly instructor were patient and helped me practice the exercises as well.

We moved on to cardio exercises later. ABS ABS ABS! HERE I COME! Though it was tiring, I was able to feel my muscles work. That feeling of accomplishment was amazing and I felt I spent my time so productively.

All in all, I am glad SaberFit approached me to share my experience with them. The most important thing is that we both had tons of fun and definitely managed to shed off some calories!