10 Reasons Singaporeans Love Archery Tag [2023]

Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag Singapore
Archery Tag Singapore

Archery Tag is a new sport that is gaining in popularity all over the world, and Singapore is no exception. Here are 10 Reasons Singaporeans Love Archery Tag and why it has become so popular in our city-state.

1. Great for beginners

Great for beginners – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

The main goal of these combat archery tag games is to have fun.

For the purpose of engaging in combat archery, no prior archery experience is necessary. There is no need to worry if you are a beginner; in fact, the majority of participants have never used a bow and arrow. You don’t need to be skilled in combat archery because we can teach you!

For the ideal team coordination or even corporate team-building activities, all you need to do is keep your strategic strategy in tact!

There will be facilitators to help you along the way while you have time to become acclimated to the bow. Additionally, during the briefing, clear instructions will be given, so you can play without difficulty.

Click here for some helpful advice on how to win the game if you’re a newbie!

2. Neon Game Feature

Neon Game Feature – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

With neon combat archery tag Singapore, you’ll really feel like you’ve entered another world! Choose a neon indoor archery tag event if you’re looking for something different and enjoyable for everyone to attempt.

Not only does it have a cool aesthetic appeal, but the neon lighting feature also adds a new level of difficulty by making it harder to see your rivals! As a distraction, hide behind the glow-in-the-dark bunkers as you stock up on arrows.

Also, have a look at this neon archery tag bundle, which is ideal for a corporate team-building event and will undoubtedly improve your team-bonding skills.

The most important thing is to remember to get your cameras ready because this is a fantastic opportunity to take tons of amazing photos!

3. You can play it anywhere!

Play it anywhere – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Can you play battle archery on the sand? Sure! Why not in a neighborhood park? of course! There are many places in Singapore where archery games can be played.

You get to decide whether you want to play archery tag inside or outside and have a good time. Our helpful facilitators will be happy to accommodate you if you have a specific venue preference!

Simply contact Fun Empire to receive affordable archery tag packages and to schedule a flexible event time slot for an event that is specifically tailored to your needs.

If you wish to save the hassle, then leave it to us as we have multiple easily accessible and sheltered venues available for your selection!

4. A change of target

Change of target – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Here’s your chance to get even with your friends! In this archery tag competition, the focus has shifted from the bullseye on the target board to your competitors.

You can play combat archery tag as part of a team-building activity and have the best archery tag game ever with your teammates.

Additionally, you will face a target that is constantly moving, which will test your accuracy and targeting abilities. You also become the target as a result!

So be sure to pay attention to both aiming and avoiding at once. In any other case, you can lose the game unexpectedly! Try your hardest to win the game!

5. Safe and Painless

Safe and painless – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Contrary to paintball, which can lead to bleeding and bruises, combat archery is completely painless and safe.

Our operations have received BizSAFE Level 3 certification and ISO 9001 quality certification. All of the unique foam-tipped arrows are provided, along with the proper safety masks and briefings.

For those who prefer an air-conditioned, pleasant setting, indoor archery is also offered. You can rest certain that fantastic experiences are our specialty and that we take great care to protect your safety. We also have safety game referees on call, so there’s no need to worry!

6. Awesome Game Modes

Game modes – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Hyperspace Singapore)

In an archery tag Singapore session, you’ll get to try at least two fantastic game styles! Different archery competitions offer varying degrees of difficulty and unique goals that will aid the teams in achieving their objectives.

These archery tag game modes can be used for your upcoming team-building activity, or you can play archery tag indoors for birthday parties or for the most enjoyable family-friendly experience. Either option will undoubtedly have you having a good time and laughing all day long.

Take over and wipe out the opposition in Domination, make sure no one is left behind in Revival, and rescue your kingdom in The Last King!

The game’s rules and goals will be explained by our own expert team, so pay attention and start formulating your plans now!

7. Suitable for all Ages

Suitable for all ages – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

When it comes to playing archery games, there are no age restrictions! You will undoubtedly have a role to play if you are at least 1.2 meters tall. An thrilling game of combat archery tag is played where team members’ strengths are displayed through analysis.

A fantastic way to bridge generational barriers in the workplace and among families is to play archery tag in Singapore. If you’d rather not perspire too much, pick an indoor archery range and pretend to be a major archer who fires from behind bunkers.

Those who are more active should take advantage of this chance to showcase their agility with quick movements, precise dodging, and speed!

8. Great for all occasions

Great for all occasion – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Combat Archery Sg)

Whether it is to create a fun memorable time celebrating your birthday with friends playing indoor archery, or to create a stronger bond during a team building event with colleagues, there is always a reason to play archery games!

As the largest archery tag provider, our combat archery is suitable for all ages, this makes archery tag Singapore perfect for any occasion and audience you have, and a perfect team building event!

Combat Archery is a popular activity amongst schools for student camps and orientations, as there is a strong emphasis on communication for new students to get to know one another!

With camaraderie and loads of laughter, archery games are especially perfect for breaking the ice! 

9. Highly Affordable

Affordable – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Why spend a fortune when enjoyable activities ought to be widely available and very reasonably priced! We’ve got you covered in a city with a high cost of living! Enjoy incredible value and savings with pricing starting at just $15/pax while still having a wonderful time! You can be confident that the quality is not sacrificed because of the price. Before they are permitted to manage any events, all of our facilitators must successfully complete an internal ASEA quality training.

10. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork – Archery Tag Singapore (Image retrieved from Archery Tag Sg)

Communication and collaboration are the key elements present in an archery tag activity, as teams work together to achieve a common objective.

As the archery tag activity begins, you’ll be using each team member’s strength to counteract another’s weakness and observing opponents’ strategies. Teams often come up with unique ways to solve problems collaboratively while minimizing conflicts.

These are soft skills that can later be brought back and used at the workplace for an improved work environment and to accomplish better results!

Tips when playing archery tag

When playing archery tag, remember the following tips to ensure a fun and safe experience:

1. Make sure you are game-ready.

2. Keep an eye out for danger and take precautions when running or dodging arrows.

3. Develop a plan of attack with your team to defeat your rivals.

4. Pay close attention to the game officials’ instructions.

5. Have FUN!

6. Wear comfortable sports clothing and, ideally, covered shoes.

7. Pick Singapore places that are convenient, ideally close to transportation options.

Here at Fun Empire, as the leading archery tag provider, we organize archery tag games and have more archery tag equipment than others. Our services are suitable for team-building events and can be conducted in your preferred event venue. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quality products, as we only give you the best team-building event.

Archery Tag Singapore

What are you waiting for if there are so many benefits to participating in an archery tag session in Singapore? Get your heart racing while maintaining your fitness!

Request a quote for a one-stop solution for your events from The Fun Empire today! Additional services offered by The Fun Empire include buffet catering, business gifts, and bus transportation. Additionally, this is the ideal Singapore Team Building activity!

P.S. Looking for tips on how to win in Archery Tag? Here’s a handy cheat sheet for you to refer to for your next session!

What kind of game is archery?

Archery tag is a game in which players shoot arrows at targets.

How is archery tag played?

Fast-paced archery-based game called “archery tag” involves two teams attempting to shoot arrows at one another. Similar to dodgeball, players try to hit their opponents with the arrows while avoiding being hit themselves in this game. The game is over when one team runs out of arrows or when a player is hit by an arrow and knocked out of the game. There are typically six arrows per player.